Reimann's Farm Market

13940 Darmstadt. Rd Evansville, IN. 47725

About our Farm

Barb and Jim

Barbara and Jim Reimann have owned and operated Reimann's Farm Market for about the last 30 years. Barbara is a retired teacher for Scott school. Jim is a Navy veteran. Before the Darmstadt market, they operted several Strawberry U-Pick patches around Evansville: Newburgh, Oakhill Rd, Westside-No. 6 School Rd, Old Sate Rd, Hwy 57. Currently Jim is in the hospital due to a hip infection. When both are healthy, you can usually see them on a golf cart together pulling weeds or giving change at the stand. They have taught us everything we know about farming!

Karen and Luke

Karen and Luke work full time on the farm. They work the Darmstadt farm operations and farm markets. They usually work 15-18 hours a day from May-September, planting, pulling weeds and picking the veggies. Karen Reimann-Owens is 54 years old. She used to be an architect for Hafer Architects and then changed to being a stay at home mom. Luke Owens is 25 years old. He was home schooled and used to be a volunteer fire fighter for Scott Township. He has been working on the farm since he was very young.

Work/Farm Details

We began selling some vegtables in June until October. We have three main full time workers on the farm: Karen Reimann-Owens, Luke Owens, and Simon Owens. We get a decent amount of help from our grandparents when they are well and also Andrew Wahl, Kevin Smith, neighbors Gabe and Andrew, Deborah Wahl, Natalie Hyland, Jerry Davis, Kevin Smith and cousin Natalie. We stay extremely busy especially this year with all the rain and our grandfather being in the hospital.

We are not organic, but are looking into ways to be more natural. We spray our corn for weeds and tomatoes for fungus. WE DO NOT SPRAY ANY OF OUR OTHER PLANTS! We stay extremely busy pulling weeds, laying newspaper/straw, weed eating, and laying black plastic. We try the best we can to grow healthy, home-grown food! We here at Reimann's hope you enjoy what we do!

We get our delicious peaches and apples from Farview Orchard! They are located at 4200 Oliver Springfield Rd. Mt Vernon, IN 47620 check them out sometime!
Phone: 812-783-2571

We have a HOTWHEELZ track out for the kids and you can also pick FREE ZINNIAS by the stand!

Our grandmother is usually at the stand to give change while we are working. We apologize if you need change and aren't able to find anyone.