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HARRISRoxanne Perkin Owens, Simon ьщ¤AMY E. HARRISRoxanne Perkin Normal.dotm Owens, Simon5@H'н@N=ц╜@ЁFл╤@VЇм╤■ ╒═╒Ь.УЧ+,∙оD╒═╒Ь.УЧ+,∙о\щ¤щ¤ьеM ┐0┌Caolan80 2,m       ИЖЖЖЪ4╬т$У ь p bсx~  ч rф T8 8r ┘Simon Owens 13940 Darmstadt Rd. ╖Ё Ё Evansville, IN 47725 812-660-1005 ╖Ё so87@evansville.edu OBJECTIVE A demanding Internship position that allows me to produce impactful software that also aids to my development of becoming a software engineer SUMMARY Leading, mentoring, and supervising others Self-motivated and technically oriented Strong interest in software engineering, design, testing, and implementation Engineering problem solving and project management Computer Skills Bash Java CSS Python Linux HTML5 C/C++ GitHub Unity EDUCATION B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE Expected May 2018 Minor in MATHEMATICS GPA 3.42 UNIVERSITY OF EVANSVILLE Evansville, IN Related Courses Programming I & II Calculus I & II & III Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics Calculus-Physics I & II Logic Design and Machine Organization Object-Oriented Design Engineering & ╖Ё Researched, designed, tested and built a speaker which met strict budget Computer Science and time requirements; learned the basic of report writing/presentations Projects ╖Ё Improved understanding of object-oriented programming languages as a junior member of a senior project that built an IEEE competition Robot. This helped me understand the importance of abstraction and how inheritance can be useful Developed a program with a menu-driven interaction that selects and plays coded songs in C# Constructed the game of minesweeper in C++. Required knowledge of: writing tests, dynamically allocated arrays, destructors, exception handling, and debugging Wrote a polynomial solver in C++ that was implemented with vectors, then reprogrammed it with linked lists Created a program in Java that moves around an image on a canvas by inputs from the user with canvas library, image library, and class-work Algorithm Analysis with big O notation. Made a test file to measure the number of comparisons in a variety of different sorts to find out their efficiency curves Special Projects Completed free online classes at edX in Java, Linux, HTML5, and Computer Graphics while working full time, to become more experienced Read HACKING THE ART OF EXPLOITATION, by Jon Erickson, in order to gain a broader understanding of exploitation and internet security WORK Farmhand Reimann's Farm Market Darmstadt, IN 2008-2015 EXPERIENCE ╖Ё Learned HTML, CSS, and created website for free in a period of three weeks for a family farm ( HYPERLINK "http://www.reimannsfarmmarket.com/"www.reimannsfarmmarket.com) Utilized heavy farm equipment and performed general maintenance Maintained a 20 acre vegetable farm that required diligence, teamwork and safety LEADERSHIP Manager Historic Newburgh's Farmers Market Reimann's Summer 2014 & 2015 Supervised two others in selling fresh produce to customers Balanced cash drawer and responsibly handled money ACTIVITIES IEEE National Leadership Society Sound Board Technician ACM Unity BFrvФЦ┬╞╪r ° № b ┤ P ╕ ╝ ┌ ▄ ф ц  8 F J \ ░ ▐ ю F J h ║ <║╛┌▄▐$pТ&8:<╓|┬╥▄Ї TXїьуьььуьь┘ьь┘ььььь╧┘├┘ьььь┘ьь┘ь╣н╣╣╣╣н╣г╣ьньньг╣╣╣╣╣╣╣╣╣╣ЧCJ5^J\OJQJCJ^J\OJQJCJ6^J\OJQJCJ^J\OJQJCJ5^J\OJQJCJ6^JOJQJCJ5^JOJQJCJ^JOJQJCJ^JOJQJCJ$^JaJ$OJQJ;XxД╪ЇРФЬЮо▐(*.▐ЁЄPRTИКМ о▓╞╚╓4Z╥8<PZ\╚╪Єщщ▌щ┌╬─╬╕─╬─о──мдмШм┌───╬─╬╕────╬─╬щщ0J(CJ^J\OJQJjUUCJ^J\OJQJCJ6^J\OJQJCJ^J\OJQJCJ5^J\OJQJCJCJ6^J]OJQJCJ^JOJQJCJ>*5^J\OJQJ't─╞t · № d ╢ R ║ ╝  : H J ▓ Ё ·Єъ┘╧╧╧╧╧╧╧╧┐┐┐╧│з dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'dф ╞╝$ ╠╘└! dф ╞╝$ dф$d%d&d'ddф$a$dф$a$.dфЁ H J ╝ >╝└r(╪~─єч┌┌╦╝░дШМАk & Fdф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д$ ]Д`ДШ■ dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'dф ╞╝$ ФЁ'dф ╞╝$ ФЁ' dф ╞╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' ─▐ ЎVzЖТФрОэ╪╪╪╪╞▒▒еЩНБ╪ dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' & Fdф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д$ ]Д`ДШ■dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д]Д`Д & Fdф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д$ ]Д`ДШ■dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д╝]Д`Д ░▓\╘:<╩┌ъ╪╠╖╖лЬНdф ╞╝$ ╢ ╕Ё'dф ╞╝$ ╢ ╕Ё' dф ╞ ╝$ Ё' & Fdф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д$ ]Д`ДШ■ dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'dф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д╝]Д`Д & Fdф ╞ ╝$ Ё'^Д$ ]Д`ДШ■0░╨/ ░р=!░Ё"░Ё#Р╨$Р╨2P1РX0pА3P(20Root Entry         └F@CompObj    jOle         1Table        YData             ╖SummaryInformation(    (WordDocument        2,ObjectPool            ■   DocumentSummaryInformation8             t            ■               ■               ■