Reimann's Farm Market

13940 Darmstadt. Rd Evansville, IN. 47725

  • Simon Owens
  • University of Evansville Sophomore
  • Computer Science

Summer Summary

This summer I have stayed extremely busy. Since the middle of May, I have been working at Reimann's for 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week. This summer I made a commitment to myself to stay focused on my future career. I one day hope to become a software engineer, so I have done many things to prepare for this. After work, when im not watching the Daily Show, I read a couple of books and also do a few sections from edX compsi courses. From doing this I have already gained considerable knowledge in Java, CSS, HTML5, game design, C++, and internet security. The books I read are COMPLETE GAME CODING 4TH EDITION, HACKING THE ART OF EXPLOITATION, and OBJECTS, ABSTRACTION, DATA STRUCTURES, AND DESIGN USING C++. Before I start school I hope to learn more about C++ and computer graphics. If you have any questions or comments about the site you can email me at I used a color wheel that uses hexadecimal numbers to make the colors and gradients on this website. Here is the website I used to learn all of these CSS and HTML skills. I learned HTML5 and CSS on my own in about a week so there may be a few compatability issues with the site depending on your browser/screen size. I tried my best and will try to fix any issues as they come up. Hope you enjoy the site!



Internship or Co-op position

  • Hands-on and technically oriented
  • Leading, mentoring, and supervising others
  • Strong interest in software engineering, design and implementation
  • Fundamentals of engineering problem solving and project management
Computer Skills

Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Python, C, C++, Java, HTML5, Linux, Basics of hacking and network security.


Dean's List: GPA 3.53

Below is a link to my entire resume


UE Program

My UE Experience

Before I took my first class at UE, I had absolutely no programming experience at all. Quite frankly, I had no idea what programming really was. Aftering taking engineering 101 I was hooked. Both of my computer science courses my Freshman year were challenging and heavily project based, which kept me very engaged. I was able to learn so fast because of the excellent teaching staff. To mention a few, I received a lot of help from Dr. Hwang and Mr. Randall towards my projects. I can't wait to go back in the fall!

Upcoming School Year

I am registered for 18 credit hours for the fall semester. I will be taking calc 3, linear algebra, calc physics 2, programming 2, philosophy, health, and career development(0 credit hours). I hope to maintain my 3.5 gpa while also establishing relationships with companies. I hope to get some type of co-op job in the winter.

UE Computer Science Program

Below is a link to the computer science guidebook. I will be mostly following this, except my junior year I will take 18credit hours both semesters because I hope to add some computer science electives. I will most likely co-op two semesters and get a minor in mathematics, so I look to graduate in 4-5 years of college total because of the co-op option.